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Q: How do I join a team?

A: Before each season (Fall/Winter and Summer), GSHL conducts at least four free evaluation skating sessions.  During these sessions, you will be put through several drills (skating, shooting, passing, etc.) and then play in a light scrimmage.  League officials will grade you and place you in the appropriate level for teams currently in the league.  After the final evaluation, captains of teams looking for players will conduct a draft based on player rankings.  The captain of the team drafting you will contact you after that.


Q: How many evaluations do I need to attend?  Do I have to register beforehand?

A: You only need to attend one evaluation session to be eligible to play. Pre-registration is not necessary as these evaluations are completely free.  However, in order to play, you must be registered and paid with GSHL. 

Q: Why do I need to register with USA Hockey?

A: USA Hockey is the governing body for amateur hockey in the United States. They supply the basic rules, format, and supplemental insurance for rinks, players, and officials.  This also helps us keep costs lower by not having to track down everyone's insurance cards and all the rinks require USA Hockey membership for their liability as well. 

Q: I missed the evaluation skates.  Can I still join a team?

A: Feel free to contact the league.  New players may be placed onto teams before December 1 for Winter season and before July 1 for Summer season.  A league official will decide which level and team to place you.  If it is after those roster deadlines, we will place you on a contact list for next season's evaluation skates and help you get on a team for the following season.

Q: I have never played before. Can I still learn to play hockey?

A: Yes! GSHL is committed to providing ample opportunity for the novice/beginner adult player.  A vast majority of players in GSHL started as adult beginners and we are always welcoming to those players.  Currently, GSHL is evaluating the best methods for adult beginner players and will post those on the website when they are determined.  

Q: What are the costs?  Does the league provide equipment?

A:  The exact price will depend on whether you sign up as an individual or as a team.  Individual and team pricing is determined prior to each season.  Players who are brand new to GSHL will usually pay the individual price and have it credited to the team they join.  Some existing teams will work it out to pay more or less per player by having a larger or smaller roster and having the captains collect the payments.

Q: Does the league provide equipment?

A: GSHL does not provide equipment to players.  There are several excellent local shops in the Puget Sound area that sell gear, as well as on-line stores that usually offer good prices.
Q: What is the format of the season?  On what nights are games played?
A: Winter seasons are 22 games in length with double-elimination playoffs.  Summer season is 12 games with single elimination playoffs.  All teams make playoffs, so you get at least two games extra in the winter and one game extra in the summer. Games are played Sunday through Thursday nights.  Generally lower divisions (6-8) play earlier in the week while higher divisions (1-5) player later.  Due to scheduling complexities, playoffs can occur on any night of the week (Sunday to Thursday).

Q: At which rinks does GSHL play? 

A: The GSHL plays at Olympicview Ice Arena, Lynnwood Ice Center, Kent Valley Ice Centre, Showare Center and XFINITY Arena (both main arena and the Community Ice Rink).

Q: Is there any choice about nights and rinks?

A: Captains may request certain nights or rinks. GSHL tries to honor those requests as much as possible.  No team will get 100% what they want but we will try to slant the schedule towards everyone's requests.  We believe the strength of a multi-rink and night league is that it encompasses more teams and allows us to place teams in more equal divisions.  The convenience of playing only on Tuesday night or in Kent only would quickly diminish if the other Tuesday Kent teams were too far above or below your teams level.  If you are coming to a evaluation skate and the rink or night is extremely important to you, be sure you note that information on your registration form.

Q: Can I move up or down a level?

A: Yes. You can either come out for an Evaluation Skate to get rated and placed, or occasionally a player knows a captain that will take a player up or down to their team. As players get older, some move to the over 40 league. Some beginners move up a division a year as their skating and skills improve.

Q: What is the 40+ league?

A: The 40+ league is for players over 40. The pool of eligible players is re-drafted into teams every season. The skills of the players may vary, but the teams are drafted in a way  to create parity.  Each player is rated 1-10 and all the 1's get drafted first, etc. until all the players are drafted.  A player new to 40+ should come to an Evaluation Skate and get rated.  Existing players will pretty much keep their old rating. The captains will meet before each season, draft players, and notify their teams.

Q: Is body-checking allowed?

A: No. GSHL is a non-checking league (we all have to get up and go to work the next day!), but please keep in mind that this does not mean "no contact".  Hockey is a contact sport so you will definitely bump into your fellow players on occasion.  Also keep in mind that there is an inherent risk of injury that all players assume when taking the ice.
Have a question that isn't on here?  E-mail the league ( and ask.

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GSHL Practices
No Games Scheduled

Division 1
No Games Scheduled

Division 2
No Games Scheduled

Division 3A
No Games Scheduled

Division 3B
9:40 PM  -   LIC

Division 3C
No Games Scheduled

Division 4A
7:30 PM  -   OVA
8:05 PM  -   KVIC

Division 4B
No Games Scheduled

Division 4C
9:00 PM  -   OVA
10:55 PM  -   KVIC

Division 5A
No Games Scheduled

Division 5B
9:30 PM  -   KVIC

Division 6A
No Games Scheduled

Division 6B
No Games Scheduled

Division 6C
No Games Scheduled

Division 6D
No Games Scheduled

Division 7
No Games Scheduled

40+Division Winter 2018
9:00 PM  -   EVT COMM
10:30 PM  -   EVT COMM

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